rhizome_ is a non-profit exhibition platform for contemporary art in Kortrijk (Belgium) with its roots in the principle of connective thinking. This results in collaborations with artists, curators and organizations active in the art world.



Avee @ rhizome_
14.05.2023 - 02.07.2023
Open on Sunday between 2pm and 6pm and by appointment.


Photo © Monia Lisa

Sarah Caillard, Douglas Eynon, Chantal van Rijt, Laurent Veldekens

It started around 1999 with the dream of a kingfisher hovering in an undefined expanse of darkness. Suddenly it darted through the surface into the unfathomable obscurity of the water below, reappearing with a small fish in its beak. Around the same time, the florescence of certain psychotropic fungi started interacting with bioluminescent algae on the Belgian coastline, resulting in an exceptional fluorescent display. Both incidents would conspire to determine the course of events in the then still distant future.

Throughout the following decades, by a relentless process of esoteric studies and in-depth scientific analysis it was determined that nothing happens by chance and these events were interconnected. As Carl Gustav Jung, the father of analytical psychology pointed out, the sub-aquatic domain represents the subconscious as opposed to the everyday experiences of the waking world above the waterline. In a way, Jungian Archetypes could be considered as the mycelium of human sentience, connecting ancestral memories into the collective consciousness.

Generally speaking many transformative processes occur at surfaces. Chemical and physical reactions take place on the boundary where two substances touch, whilst on a larger scale an incredible variety of phenomena originate on a proportionately very thin layer of the earth's crust. As a contemporary form of sourcerers, the invited artists are scrying into the unknown, tapping through the surface into the depths of universal archetypes. While the rational mind struggles to quantify the aesthetic experience, its fundamental relevance as an intrinsic aspect of human nature remains undeniable. The light of reason cannot thrive without its elusive counterpoint of intuition, though a reflective membrane seems to separate our perception into this dichotomy. Rumour has it that the veil is currently dissolving for a brief moment at rhizome_, let's go for a dive…

Curator: Petrus Paklons
Location: rhizome_, Koning Albertstraat 2, 8500 Kortrijk, Belgium
Open: Sunday between 2pm and 6pm and by appointment
Contact: Monia Warnez, rhizome@monialisa.be - Petrus Paklons, petrus.paklons@gmail.com

Supported by Fotorama, Imgest and Wilgelover


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